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Netta Cohen

 CEO | Incubit Ventures

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Netta Cohen

Experienced executive with a track record of leading innovation and entrepreneurship processes. Board member or chairman in a majority of Incubit's portfolio companies. Former CEO of BGN Technologies Ltd, the Technology Company of Ben-Gurion University. Director of Pharma Israel, the Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies Association, Novartis Consumer Health, Gerber Baby food Israel, and A VP at Vitamed Pharmaceutical Industries. Holds an Executive MBA from the University of Bradford, UK, and a B.A. in Economics & Management from Ruppin Academic Center. Former Board member at DT Innovation Labs at BGU, Inno-Negev, Capital Nature, SenSoil, CDI Negev, BGR Robotics, MultiPhy, PixelScan, ITTN, Protea, CartiHeal, Rotec, BotanoCap, AmorphiCal, xAct medical, Ringelblum, Bio-Negev, MediLogos, BaseCamp, CyberSpark, and many others


Who we are

Deep Tech entrepreneurship is a challenging and most demanding adventure

We at Incubit, dare to invest in deep technology: unique, differentiated, protected, or hard to reproduce, based on technological or scientific advances
We understand technology, recognize innovation, and are set to navigate and support your journey from concept through POC and into product launching and business success

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