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Dr. Dina Goren Bar CTO & Funder Holds a Ph.D. in Computer science AI
Ph.D. – Computer Science (AI) Tel –Aviv University 2007
Senior Faculty – AFEKA College for 17 years, contributing more than 60 publications.
Lead researcher in AI at IRST, Italy.
Co Founder & CEO – Optimum Solutions, service provider for production engineering documentation.
CTO – responsible for innovation, development, patents.



Production Through

Automation Knowledge


PROMAI is an innovative challenger, soon to become the dominant solution for creation and utilization of engineering knowledge for the automation of design of manufacturing processes. The outcome of the PROMAI WizSuite technology is automated generation of checklists, assembly, testingfault isolation, rework, disassembly, maintenance, training and manuals, collectively referred to as “engineering knowledge”. The engineering knowledge, incorporating artificial intelligence (AI), validates and compares the aggregated production data to the actual manufacturing process assessing its accuracy and efficiency. 

PROMAI’s technology then has the capability to optimize the complete manufacturing design resulting in significantly reduce cost and time while dramatically enhancing production yields.

PROMAI, established in 2022, integrates extensive knowledge and expertise of the company’s executives from more than 20 years in development ofengineering knowledge and documentation of manufacturing processes. The market sorely lacks and requires an intuitive, standard, procedural visual solution for engineering knowledge creation. PROMAI’s WizSuite is poised to introduce the first comprehensive automated digital database solution for generation of engineering knowledge, verification and optimization of the manufacturing processes.


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